“Remember …”

"On Memorial Day, I don't want to only remember the combatants. There were also those who came out of the trenches as writers and poets, who started preaching peace, men and women who have made this world a kinder place to live." ~ Eric Burdon



What is our purpose? How and when do we truly know our purpose? Is it to cure diseases, such as AIDS, cancer, heart disease, diabetes? To care for the elderly? To run a country? To fall in with and marry the love of our life? To find homes for animals and humans alike? To protect... Continue Reading →


“I'll see you later, ” are your parting words as you disappear into the night … They are also the words that ring inside my head in a song of remembrance … I grasp onto them with childish glee as I wait patiently for your inevitable return … My heart, in all of its radiance,... Continue Reading →

To …

I cherish more a duck than a swan, A pond than an ocean, A candle than a chandelier, A paddle boat than a yacht, A bike than a Lamborghini, A single star shooting across the sky than an entire galaxy, A warm embrace than the key to a condo, Words of compassion and love filled... Continue Reading →

Clearing The Fog

Clear your mind of the fog that clouds it Clear it of all the voices that doubt you Clear it of all the poison you feed yourself Clear the judgmental eyes that ever perceived you as something you're not And just breathe … Look to the sky, Reach your hand out to the clouds, Dance... Continue Reading →

“Time to join the party …”

A smirk spread across pastel pink lips. Icy blue eyes peered down at the snow globe clutched within slender fingers. “It looks like it's time for me to join this party, Crystek. Tell Jedrek and Imber that they shall not slacken on their duties while I'm away, “ her smooth voice echoed across the room.... Continue Reading →

I shall begin my mini-series based on some characters I've made very soon.  

Stay True

"Art is about the connections you make, not about whose art is better than whose nor how many likes/followers/reblogs you get for it. Art is about staying true to yourself and giving voice to voiceless in life. Never forget that ..." ~ Anonymous

Remember & Love Me Now, Not Later

I am gone, but loved … I am gone, but not forgotten … I am gone, but remembered … However, what am I being remembered and loved for are the questions that few seem to acknowledge before I was gone. Am I remembered and loved for all my good deeds? Am I remembered and loved... Continue Reading →

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