It’s Hard

It's hard to always be that one person, The one who loves so much and cares so much, The one always waiting patiently for someone whenever they need their time, The one who helps others but is left behind afterwards, The one who hopes with all their heart that things would be different only to [...]



Why didn't they stay? Did they ever love me? Was everything a lie? How did I allow myself to be a fool? Why didn't I see it coming? Was I just not good enough? Those late night talks … Multiple outings … The words and touches of affection …They meant nothing at the end … [...]


“I'll see you later, ” are your parting words as you disappear into the night … They are also the words that ring inside my head in a song of remembrance … I grasp onto them with childish glee as I wait patiently for your inevitable return … My heart, in all of its radiance, [...]

You’re Not A Monster

I am a monster because of my illness … I am a monster because of my illness … I am a monster because of my illness … I am not a monster because of my illness! Being mentally ill does not make you a monster, Being depressed doesn't make you a monster, Not wanting to [...]