The Queen

Her lips are a soft pink, almost white to match the locks upon her head … Her eyes, piercing with their depth, could turn your insides cold … Her kiss takes the breath right out of your lungs, leaving you gasping for breath within her wake … Her beauty has caused many to duel for... Continue Reading →


“I feel it …”

Manicured nails typed away at a keyboard as caramel brown eyes peered at the screen intently. The dark-haired woman paused for a moment to adjust her glasses and take a sip from her cup. “Just a few more touches and I'll have this done by the end of the day, “ she muttered to herself... Continue Reading →

“Time to join the party …”

A smirk spread across pastel pink lips. Icy blue eyes peered down at the snow globe clutched within slender fingers. “It looks like it's time for me to join this party, Crystek. Tell Jedrek and Imber that they shall not slacken on their duties while I'm away, “ her smooth voice echoed across the room.... Continue Reading →

Consuming Passions

An Avenging Angel ‘There’s that bastard! Look at him, looking so pitiful!’ I thought angrily, glaring at the middle-aged man through the window. I reached for my gun, anxiety boiling within me and waited patiently in the darkness of the night. ‘He still looks exactly the same as he did all those years ago …... Continue Reading →

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