Who Am I?

Who am I?
Who am I at the end of the day?
Am I the monster that those I’ve hurt in the past see me as?
Am I a lost soul that has transcended time, trying to find its final resting place on this earth?
Am I the several mistakes I’ve made within my life?
Am I the scars that are etched into my skin/heart/mind?
Am I the many masks and names that I don to entertain others?
Am I just the color of my skin?
Am I my hair length or color?
Am I that little girl who wandered around, searching for a friend?
Am I the frightened beast that comes out whenever I’m angry and/or paranoid?
Am I just the friend that everyone goes to for advice and laughs?
Am I the many fears and demons and lingering ghosts that still haunt me?
Or am I just an imposter?
Are those dark brown eyes looking back at me within the mirror truly mine?
Are my emotions really mine?
Is this my body what makes me me?
What about my looks? My brains? My heart?
Does my piercings and my tattoos define what is inside of me?
Are my values and beliefs make me the person I am today?
Am I a disappointment to those who love me?
Am I a mirror of my significant other?
Or am I just an empty shell with a name?
These are the questions that float through my head at least once a week, or every few months before I dive in to unlock the answer.
The only things that truly make me who am I is how I treat others and myself as well as everything within me is what define who I am.
Not what others’ think,
Not my emotions,
Not my outer appearance,
Not my last name,
Not my education,
Not my sins nor my weaknesses,
Not my income,
Not my house,
Not my gender,
Not my race,
Not my sexuality,
Not my religion (or the lack there of),
And sure as hell not my failures because I’m human just as you are.
We all have choices and endless opportunities to evolve and grow in many different fashions,
There is no set time limit, or a proper way to do things,
We all do things differently,
We all love differently,
We all feel pain differently,
We all have our own sense of individuality,
We all have a mixture of light and darkness,
And I choose to accept every inch of the complicated being that is me.



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