I parry … I slash …
I stab … I pirouette …
I duck, then I dodge
Hair is blowing all around, moving along with my movements like a flame
I dance and I dodge my way one by one through the horde around me, until one of them strikes me down
I’m tempted to stop from how tired and gravely wounded I am, but the fire inside of me refuses to be extinguish
So, I get up …
I slash, I kick, I punch, I pirouette, I stab – leaving many corpses lying in the dust to become one with the earth again …
I reach my greatest enemy after slicing down another demon in my way …
We stare each other down before charging,
Blows, cuts, & bruises are exchanged but neither of us go down
Time passes as the battle continues to no avail, neither of us giving up …
Then one strike has me face down on the ground, face covered in dirt and blood …
I glare into those brown eyes before me, gloating as they pride themselves on downing me … at breaking me …
Except I’m not broken, nor will I lie down and await my fate
I’m on my feet again when they turn away from me, and I rush them …
They turn around in time to be met with my sword inside their gut
They stare at me in shock, their life gradually draining from their eyes …
I ease them down to the ground, close their eyes, and leave them a flower before taking my departure to reach my destination …
When I arrive, I fall to my knees, dropping all my weapons, and relish in my newfound peace until the next battle arises that requires my sword and shield



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