I Know …

I know that you want to hide your scars from me
Your worries,
Your insecurities,
Your fears,
Your heartaches,
Your torrent of emotions,
Your dark side …
To shield me from all the ugliness and foulness that may hide behind the walls you build,
To cloak me inside the embrace of ignorance to preserve my innocence because you see yourself as dirty when in all actuality …
I see you …
I see you …
And not just you, but myself as well and many others
Almost everyone has had walls, including myself for many different reasons
There’s no need to pretty things up under the guise of smoke and mirrors,
I much prefer you raw and unhinged,
Emotional and thoughtless,
Just allowing your scars to breathe freely
Because I know how it is,
I know how it feels to be stuck within a shell under the impression of protecting those around me from the inferno within me,
So, please – allow yourself to let go and bleed
‘Cause I’ll do the same for you …



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