I Will …

I will hold your hand, even if it seems like everything is slipping from your fingers – I’ll hold on.
I will wipe away your tears, even if you feel like they’ll never stop – I’ll catch every drop that flows from those soft eyes.
I will hold you and all your jagged edges together, even if they may hurt me – I’ll never let go.
I will love and care about you, even on days where it’s so very tempting to just throw my hands up in the air and scream “fuck it all” at the top of my lungs.
I will help you grow into the beautiful flower you’re meant to be, even if you see yourself as an ugly weed – I won’t give up on you.
I will never change anything about you, even if you think you should be like blank and blank – I’ll cherish every piece of you.
I will sing the rest of the song of your soul with you when you’re unable to do so without bursting into tears.
I will cry an ocean for you when you feel as if you’re dried out – I’ll bring you back to life.
But most of all, I will always be there even if you choose to go in another direction …
When everything is just too dark and cold …
As well as the times when you can’t see or hear me …
I’ll be there …



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