“I feel it …”

Manicured nails typed away at a keyboard as caramel brown eyes peered at the screen intently. The dark-haired woman paused for a moment to adjust her glasses and take a sip from her cup.
“Just a few more touches and I’ll have this done by the end of the day, “ she muttered to herself in excitement, sitting her cup back down after a few more sips. Straightening her posture, the young woman moved to type out a few more words when a loud, obnoxious voice cut in to her peaceful afternoon.
“Rica! I need you to do that article on that one actress’s affair with that politician! Have it on my desk by Sunday!” a man barked at the dark-haired woman sitting at her desk. His beady eyes looking out of place with the rest of his youthful appearance as he glared daggers at her.
The journalist almost rolled her eyes to the back of her head, but held it back to avoid breaking her professional air.
“Yes, sir, “ she responded to him, hands folded perfectly in front of her.
“You better have it on my table by Sunday morning, or I’m docking your pay!”
“I will, Mr. Gobson. I promise that I will, “ her raspy voice reassured him, trying her best to keep her composure.
“Good. I don’t need any more amateurs wasting my time with their incompetency, “ Mr. Gobson huffed, taking a moment to readjust his expensive pinstriped suit. “And don’t forget that you have to do those interviews with that ditzy model.”
“I won’t. I assure you that I won’t.”
Mr. Gobson straightened up. “Good, good. Now, back to work. Trixie should be emailing you your assignments right about now. Don’t be late!”
He gave another huff and left her office to head off to wherever he needed to go.
Seconds passed before the olive-skinned woman allowed herself an eye roll at this expense. “It’s freaking Roxana Lupei, not Rica, you pompous ass, “ she growled to herself, teeth clenched together.
Taking a few minutes to fume about the male, Roxana resumed her earlier work. Her fingers danced across the keys with the grace of a butterfly as she tackled her workload until a chill ran down her spine.
Roxana’s body instantly tensed up as the chill started to intensify. “Oh no … It’s almost that time … I can feel it …” she managed out before her body began to quack in pain at the sudden throbbing within her chest.
A knock was heard at her doorway, causing her to glance up.
“Yes, Matthew?” she wheezed out, feeling a cold sweat trail along her hairline.
The young assistant eyed her with a hint of worry, but continued with his original task at hand.  “Well, you have this message from a certain Clayton Newbelle, who is requesting to see you about an important matter. What shall I tell him?”
“Nothing. Thank you for telling me, Matthew. I’ll be going on my lunch break now, “ Roxana said and rose from her desk chair, bag in hand. Small tremors coursed throughout her body as the feeling began to become unbearable for her.
“Are you alright, Miss. Lupei?” Matthew asked her. His forest green eyes darkened with concern for his boss.
The brunette forced a smile on her face. “I’m fine, Matthew. It’s just, you know, womanly problems. Nothing to worry about.”
His eyes widened to the size of saucers. “Oh my! I’m so sorry! I should have guessed that it was that! Oh, how stupid am I? Stupid, stupid Matthew!”
Roxana almost felt bad for lying to the young boy, but she was quickly losing her patience at being kept away from her very important meeting with Clayton.
“It’s nothing to worry about, Matthew. You didn’t know. Now, I shall be going. Have a nice lunch with your boyfriend, “ she soothed him, closing her laptop and placing it inside her bag before leaving.
“Oh, uh, thank you very much! I hope you have a nice lunch as well!” he called after her, but she was already gone from earshot.
Fumbling with her phone, Roxana entered the empty elevator and waited for him to pick up. A few seconds went by before a deep voice answered on the other end, “Are you on your way yet?”
Caramel brown eyes hardened as the elevator doors finally closed. “It all depends on your answer to my following question: Where is she?”


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