Step by Step

It is possible
And it’s always possible even when things seem dull
It is possible
It may take hours,
It may take days,
Maybe even months or years …
Lifetime as well, but the most important thing that’ll always open the gates to recovery are the steps you take
Steps that may start with a tremor,
Some hesitation,
And lots of fear that may fade along with the scars that were left within your essence,
The scars may be deep and ‘ugly’,
You may relapse a few times,
There will be moments of self-loathing and regret for falling back into your old ways when things become tough,
But that doesn’t mean your progress was erased,
Neither were the footprints left behind by you on your journey to the light,
They’re forever there even when the waves come up to wash them away,
Nothing erases all that you’ve done to get where you are,
So please don’t be so hard on yourself when traces of you are washed away,
Because the memories of all you’ve done and have conquered will forever be engraved in the sands of time ….



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