Through The Waves

Push and pull,
Push and pull,
Always the same thing every day
The never-ending cycle of being pulled, then pushed all over again
While always trying to reach the top of that mountain that could maybe ease the chill coursing through my body in the form of slender fingers trying to hold me right where I don’t want to be
So, after the umpteenth time of not reaching that place of “solstice”, I set out to tread through cold depths that seem to always want to keep me within their embrace.
Struggling against the waves,
Reaching for that place that could end all of this for me, even if it were temporarily – I just wanted to get away from it all
To not feel the tingles down my spine,
To escape the deep ache inside my chest that is threatening to burst it open,
Just to get away, except …
There’s never an escape nor an end to this whirlpool that I always find myself in.
There’ll always be that push and pull no matter what I do,
Reaching for that big rock to numb the inevitable wave that’ll take it into its embrace and hold me there to just drown,
Drown within the sadness;
Drown within the angry;
Drown within the stress;
Drown within the heartache,
Before I finally find myself enjoying the ocean’s depths as much as the moon itself because it’s equally important
They’re eternal companions of each other, forever intertwine in a beautiful symbiotic dance of pushing and pulling together
And I shall allow myself to be graced by such beauty …



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