What is a soulmate?
And what makes someone or something your soulmate?
What does it look like?
What does it feel like?
Does it have a color?
A name?
A home?
A certain smell?
Green eyes?
Tentacles for hair?
Does it even have a voice?
Do they hold an inner light?
Does fur or scales cover their body?
So I repeat again: What is a soulmate?
Well, for me at least, it can be anything that can connect with you,
That holds the key to your inner being,
Your solstice,
Your inner peace,
The thing you cling to when you feel lost and lonely in the world, even if you disagree with them or something
They’ll just always hold a piece of the puzzle that is you,
And just simply finish the words of the song that connects you to each other
It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone who is your potential future wife/husband and/or mother/father of your child with promises of eternal love and companionship,
Soulmates come in many forms within our lives, even when we’re at rock bottom or not exactly looking for them
They could be the friend whose shoulder you cry on when things seem dark,
Your favorite author/writer who seems to always have the right words to soothe your inner ache,
A band or singer who release music with a message that makes you feel less peculiar in the world,
Maybe even an actor or actress with similar mannerisms depending on certain characters they portray,
Your parent(s) (whether blood or not) that hold your hand through certain traumas,
A pet who seems to brighten your days whenever they’re around,
Siblings, older people, or young children that touched your heart in some way,
Basically anything that resonated within your core and warmed it could be your soulmate without it necessarily being a romantic lover,
Even if there seems to be a never ending message where it has to be a love interest who is your soulmate – we mustn’t forget that they do indeed come in different forms outside of that,
But it’s up to you to determine who and what they are and how they complete the very thing known as yourself.

I’m not sure if this came out right or not, but I hope it did. 😅 If not, then I failed. 😂 It was just something born from certain thoughts and wonderings that’s been plaguing my mind for the past few days. My inner musings just have been wondering about certain aspects of what makes up a connection between two different things and how they impact them in certain different ways outside of how some things are dismissed as infatuation or worship whenever it’s not romantically inclined. At least, that’s just me. *shrugs*

Anyway, welcome to October and fall. Don’t forget that October is not only Breast Cancer Awareness, but is also Italian Heritage Month and Birth/Loss of Infancy Month (I think I said that right).

… And I’m dragging on, so good night/afternoon/morning to you all. Hope your day brings you at least some highs along with the lows. Just know that sunshine will always appear even if it seems the opposite!


K 🔮


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