No More

No more crying over ‘almost’s or ‘was’s,
No more being afraid of standing up to someone you know is wrong,
No more falling for guilt trips,
No more blindly listening to advice that you know doesn’t coincide with your interests,
No more silencing or holding your tongue in fear,
No more yearning to be or comparing yourself to people who are most likely miserable with their life,
No more being nervous about how people perceive you,
No more excusing people’s or even your own actions,
No more apologizing for being a certain way,
No more tearing yourself apart to appease others who wouldn’t do the same for you,
No more hurt feelings about opinions invalid to your life,
No more running away from your feelings,
No more being scared of confrontation,
No more of being a doormat,
No more concealing your emotions,
No more being ashamed of your vices and strengths,
No more dimming your light for those who don’t even know what warmth emits from it,
No more stunting your own nourishment to entertain weeds that are only trying to use it for themselves,
No more talking bad to or about yourself whenever you hit your depressive phases,
No more being disgusted with yourself for being ‘cursed’ with a gentle heart,
No more going to bed in tears over those not worth them (past or present),
And last but not least, no more devaluing and deeming yourself as unlovable or invaluable because of the past voices in your head!
Because, darling, you are worthy of love …
You are worthy of life …
You are as unique and special as anyone else on this planet …
You have your own purpose on this earth that may or not have an impact on others …
You are equally as important as anyone else,
But most of all, it’s time to rise up!
To rise and allow yourself to glow,
To become the butterfly that you’re meant to be instead of presuming yourself a leech,
So stand up, square up your shoulders, and roar!
Roar and allow yourself to be heard!



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