What is our purpose?
How and when do we truly know our purpose?
Is it to cure diseases, such as AIDS, cancer, heart disease, diabetes?
To care for the elderly?
To run a country?
To fall in with and marry the love of our life?
To find homes for animals and humans alike?
To protect the innocent?
To birth enough children that’ll continue your legacy?
To start a company that’ll provide supplies for the needy?
To sail across the seas, seeing many creatures, and braving the winds?
To fly high and above within the clouds along with the birds?
To soar into the stars, exploring the galaxy and its planets?
To guide others to find their destiny?
To live out our prophecy from a previous life?
To travel the world, basking in all of its beautiful colors and diversity?
To love and nurture the next generation?
Maybe even cause destruction to the world,
Or just simply provide songs, dances, paintings/photography, or stories that’ll carry on for years upon years with a message of some sort?
Or just simply love those who are forgotten (veterans, homeless, strays, mentally ill, etc.)
Maybe we are just meant to buy up the next best thing to outdo each other, permanently stuck in blissful ignorance of anything else till something more appealing catches our attention,
So, for one last time, what is our purpose in life?


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