To …

I cherish more a duck than a swan,
A pond than an ocean,
A candle than a chandelier,
A paddle boat than a yacht,
A bike than a Lamborghini,
A single star shooting across the sky than an entire galaxy,
A warm embrace than the key to a condo,
Words of compassion and love filled with sincerity instead of compliments and thinly-veiled lies filled with deceit,
A worn blanket, a book, and a hot cup of tea for a night in than silky clothes, caviar, & a drink that I probably can’t pronounce at some fancy restaurant,
I want meaning and intimacy than superficiality and convenience,
I want a partner instead of a follower or leader,
I want to grow and be free while dancing in the rain instead of confined and controlled inside of a house surrounded by a fence,
To be surrounded by a meadow instead of a garden,
To feel rain caressing my skin with the touch of a lover instead of the tasteless kiss of mundane desert sand,
I want to be able to scream and curse at the top of my lungs than be silent and obedient,
I don’t ever want to lose the very essence of me to fit the standards of 1 billion people who probably won’t even remember my name,
I prefer to have a few pennies than a million dollars,
I prefer to be loved by a few for being myself than wearing some mask that’ll make billions worship my every move,
I prefer companionship filled with iridescent colors instead of one where they want to control me with their black & white views,
So yes, I’d rather choose to have a small vase filled with beautiful flowers than a yard filled with weeds …
It’s lovely to have less than more if it means that I don’t lose my spirit and am loved for myself instead of whatever they want me to be …
So hold onto the pebbles you hold instead of trading them for diamonds because they’re worth more than those diamonds on the long run!


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