Clearing The Fog

Clear your mind of the fog that clouds it

Clear it of all the voices that doubt you
Clear it of all the poison you feed yourself
Clear the judgmental eyes that ever perceived you as something you’re not
And just breathe …
Look to the sky,
Reach your hand out to the clouds,
Dance amongst the waves of the ocean,
Run with the wind through the beautiful flowers that dance along with its song,
Stand on top of a mountain and sing,
Sing till the only voice you hear is yours!
Sing with rejoice!
Sing with passion!
Sing with all the pain and sadness that you’ve ever felt to let it all out!
And if that don’t work, then scream!
Scream to your heart’s content!
Anything to rid you of all the negativity,
The mold,
The weeds,
The thorns covering your dreams,
Your inner self,
Your light,
Your will,
Your very heart,
And grasp onto it!
Nourish it!
Clear it of the fog created by your doubts!
And flow through the skies with your song of triumph!


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