“Time to join the party …”

A smirk spread across pastel pink lips. Icy blue eyes peered down at the snow globe clutched within slender fingers. “It looks like it’s time for me to join this party, Crystek. Tell Jedrek and Imber that they shall not slacken on their duties while I’m away, “ her smooth voice echoed across the room.
The chestnut-haired male kneeling at her side, nodded. “As you wish, milady. Shall I pack your bags for your departure?”
The smirk on her face melted away to an expression of apathy as her steely eyes drifted down to her most loyal servant. “No, I’m perfectly okay as I am, Crystek. I’m only paying a visit to an old friend of mine, “ she stated in an even tone that normally sent the other servants into a cold sweat.
But Crystek simply nodded and bowed before his mistress. “I understand, Lady Zofia, “ he replied.
The pale-skinned woman rose from her throne, globe still in her hand. “Now, you may leave my presence, “ she dismissed him with a wave of her free hand.
“As you wish …” were his parting words, followed by the sounds of feet shuffling away.
Zofia’s eyes peered at the globe in her head again as she brought it up to her face. “I see that you’ve found her again Roxana. But do you know the dangers that you’re putting her in with your emotions?” she spoke to the image of a dark-haired woman with honey brown eyes walking through some woods.
The royal took a moment to observe the other woman’s tentative  movements.
“It’s hide time that I remind you of why we agreed on our arrangement years ago. You shall not mess with her life again after we’ve sacrificed so much!” Zofia hissed at the globe, the wind picking up around her. Her silver strands bellowed around her as her body became encased by the sudden blizzard. A faint glow of pale blue shone around her from her ring.
“And that is a promise …” were her last words before the blizzard dissipated – her petite form no longer standing there.


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