There’s always a light that radiates for someone within their life
Whether it’s:
Their job,
Their country,
Their home,
Their children,
Their pet,
Their friends,
Their passion,
Their mistakes,
Their love,
Their family,
Their medicine,
Their therapy,
Their faith,
Even a friendly stranger could be the cause of the light radiating deep inside of them
The light that’ll guide them through life
The light that’ll keep them warm at night
That makes them smile
That enables them to keep their head up
That gives them inner peace and breathes life into their very being
That adds a glimmer, no matter how big or small, inside their heart
That leaves a sparkle in their eye and encourages to do better,
To grow,
To fight,
To be good,
To work hard,
To care,
To be kind,
To help others,
To stand on their two feet after life’s done knocked them down,
To preserve through any storm, any hurricane, any drought thrown their way
And to reach the top of Mount Everest with a roar when they finally reach their oasis in life
So always keep your head up,
Eyes forward,
Stand tall,
Grasp onto the one thing, the one thing that’ll always fill your very being and illuminate it
Don’t be ashamed to lean on someone as well as long as you both give each other the one thing that everyone aspires to have

That they must never lose sight of …
And that is … Hope


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