Serenading The Moon

My voice rang clear into the night
Low, haunting, sorrowful …
There’s only myself and my fair lady
She who always watches over me
She who embraces me within her ethereal glow
She who listens to my melancholic songs that pierce her skies
She is the only one who nurtures me, guides me
Through the darkness …
Through the loneliness …
Through loss …
Her luminous smile always accompanies, even when she’s far from me
My fair lady would always return to me to listen,
To listen to my song for her
To smile down on me as I lift my head up into her warm embrace and grace her with the song inside of me
The bearings of my soul
The inner feeling of loss I feel that only she understands
For this song is only meant for her and only her
As she looks on with her iridescent gaze in silent admiration every night that I sing to her


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