It lingers in the back of your mind like a shadow

Waiting … waiting … always waiting …

Prodding at your brain as if it were a woodpecker

Bringing out things that you’d rather not think about

Singing sweet nothings in your ear
Lulling you into inevitable madness

Always dragging you down when you least expect it

Your own mind, your own heart becoming enemies of your very being

They’ll toss illusions, senseless words of deceit that’ll have you whirling

But, you mustn’t allow your mind to make your life into a pool of foolery for it is your worst enemy

Your heart, fickle as it can be sometimes, is the best guide you’ll ever have

It holds the key, the melody to your happiness that shall overcome the darkness that lives within your mind …

Listen to your heart and you shall be free …

Embrace your darkness as well, but don’t let it consume your light …



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