The Songless Canary

A songless canary trapped in a cage

It flutters …

It swoons …

It bangs and crashes …

But it still can’t get out

It stops and rests

Then tries again and again

But to no avail

Freedom is so close, yet so far

But it persists and persists, until they come

Then it is let out, chained to a crimson block

Used and tossed …

Used and tossed …

Used and tossed …

Yet still left to rot in its cage

It still tries to break out

But still is caged

Continually fighting without winning

When will it break free?


This piece is one of my babies because it reminds of someone I hold dear who hates being controlled, but has no choice but to let herself be controlled even when she tries to fight back.

The improvement I would like to make to this is to make it slightly longer or have it rhyme more to capture others’ attention a bit more while changing the title to something else also, but maintaining the melancholic, slightly broken tone to the whole entire poem.


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