Photo POV

She Shouldn’t Marry Him/Why Am I Here?


Photo 1:


Why is he sitting next to me? He’s breathing up all of my fresh air. Dunno why he brought me here to this stupid wedding! He’s supposed to be taking me out to a dinner and a movie! Who cares that his ex … yes. EX! Girlfriend is getting married to a man who looks like a cross between Robert Pattinson, Mick Jagger, and Donald Trump! I just want to go home now. This is so boring! This is a big waste of my time! I swear that I’ve aged 15 to 40 years. I’ve got grey hairs in places that I shouldn’t have them! UGH! Why is this happening to me?! Please get me away from this impotent man!


This wedding shouldn’t be happening! It should be me up there, marrying Terra. But here I am, sitting next to Maya and watching my girlfriend- ex-girlfriend, get married. Oh why does this have to be this way? She’s supposed to be getting married to me, not to that Shrek-looking, rich bastard! I might as well object to their union because surely this is the biggest mistake of her life. She surely can’t marry him. She just can’t. She can’t. She shouldn’t.


This is one of my more lighthearted pieces that I enjoyed writing from all the funny factors that came from both the afore people involved in the whole entire thing.

Improvements to this would be to show how their reactions are like after the whole entire thing is over while also showcasing how they ended up there in the first place.


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