Found Poem

My Love:

I just want this to end

The pain, the misery, the sorrow

Why can’t my life be simple?

My life is filled with nothing without you

Losing a love prematurely is …

I hate him

I should’ve killed him

He took you away from me

Why am I unable to have you?

I wish that he was gone instead of you, my angel, my darling

… don’t cry for me

Tears don’t suit you, my love

Just continue to be the whisper within my ear

My hope. my dreams, my … love

Don’t worry, I’ll be there soon

‘Cause a world filled with darkness is but not worth living in without your light


Another one of my babies that are dedicated to someone I am inspired by also and hold dear.

Will make into couplet and make a bit of a rhyme scheme with it also.


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