Consuming Passions

An Avenging Angel

There’s that bastard! Look at him, looking so pitiful!’ I thought angrily, glaring at the middle-aged man through the window. I reached for my gun, anxiety boiling within me and waited patiently in the darkness of the night. ‘He still looks exactly the same as he did all those years ago … That murdering son of a bitch!’ I snarled and clenched my eyes shut as the haunting memories started to breeze on by behind my eyes as they did for as long as I’ve been able to read.


“Lisa, get out of here now!”

“Lisa, you must go before he gets here!”

“Stay under the bed, OK?”

“Nobody else is here.”

“Do as you please. You’d still won’t have what you came here for.”

“Go to hell.”

*gunshot rings throughout the pregnant silence*


End of Flashback

I opened my eyes again, glaring at that monster again and was almost tempted to shoot him right then and there, just to end his miserable life once and for all. My heart fluttered like a caged bird within my chest, adrenaline pumping through my veins. I want so badly to kill him! I really do! I can feel the acceleration of the kill like a wolf waiting patiently to maim a rabbit to death. I wanted so badly to put him through the pain that he put me through. That bastard doesn’t deserve mercy or pure happiness. Not after ruining my life forever. I watched as his lithe form moved across the room one more time before settling at his desk again.

‘Showtime’ I thought, smirking at his oblivion and jumped through the window that he left open, landing on my feet with little to none sound. His head snapped up from looking at his papers on his desk, startled. I almost burst out laughing at the look on his face as he looked around and could also taste his fear. “Who is there?” came his gruff voice with a slight crack. I leaned against the wall, one arm folded across my chest and the other slammed against the wall with a bang. He jumped out of his chair, picking up the letter opener and cried, “GET OUT HERE NOW!” I lowered my other arm, taking out my gun from underneath my shirt and used the other to turn the light on. His eyes widened in fear as they landed on me, almost becoming saucers when my voice drawled out one word.


He moved around his desk, his eyes not leaving me and asked while trying to seem strong, “Who are you?” I smiled sweetly and curtsied mockingly.

“My name is Lisa. Lisa Newman, “ I replied sweetly, watching him shiver at my tone and almost laughed in satisfaction. “How can I help you, Ms. Newman?” he asked evenly, his eyes flickering over to the pistol in my hand. I wiped all emotion from my face and raised my gun up to aim at his head as I replied coyly, “How bout dying for me?” He dropped onto his knees in shock and horror and asked stupidly, “Why kill me?” “You killed my mother. Why shouldn’t I kill you?” I replied, giving him a sickeningly sweet smile. “But I …” he started to say before I cut him off. “Don’t fucking lie to me! You killed her! I was there!” I screamed, my eyes burning with hatred. “But it wasn’t me. I don’t even know you, “he sobbed out pathetically. I snarled back, “You do to. You do! You killed my mother, Victoria Harris-Newman, when I was six! I was there! So stop lying!” He shouted back, “But I’m not lying!”

“Yes you are!” Then a gunshot ringed throughout the room, deafening us both. He looked over at the new hole on his desk that missed him by a few feet. I panted angrily, glaring at the lying bastard before my feet. “I didn’t do it. But a child like your …” he started serenely, looking at me with pity. “I’m not a child!” I shrieked, preparing to shout again, but this time at him. He got up and walked towards me cautiously, still looking at me with that cursed emotion.

“Get away from me!” I screamed in warning, but he just continued approaching me. “Whatever happened to you really has changed you, but you can’t resort to this even though I’m not the man you’re looking for. You’re much better than that, “ he soothed.

“Shut up! You don’t know anything about me!”

He wrapped his arms around me, grasping the gun and took it out of my hand.

“You don’t need this. You’re better than him. Let it go.”

I wanted so badly to hit him, but I couldn’t bring myself to like earlier and pathetically let out a sob. ‘He’s right. I’m wasting my life away by chasing after, possibly, a dead man. I shouldn’t let myself go there, but it’s so hard, ‘ I thought and buried my face into his shoulder letting out years of sorrow, agony, hatred, and anger out.

‘I must let go …’


Enjoyed the spiteful feeling from the character who’s POV this was written in from them craving revenge, which is eventually resolved by a more reasonable solution other than revenge.

Show how she found the man in the first place and show her emotional trauma more from what happened to her that lead her up to her current state.


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