A Different Purpose

Taking A Stand: Choice 1 (thesis)

Why does it always seem as if guys get away with things more easily than girls? They fight, and they just get a smack on the wrist and a warning. Girls fight, and they get condemned and severely punished as if they committed murder. Men have several children all over the place and yet are seen as the most awesome beings in the world while if it were women it’s: “Ooh she’s a slut”, “She’s a hoe”, “She don’t even know the father”, and other revolting things said about them without anybody, but themselves and possibly their families, knowing what the real story was. It is so wrong how society is so quick to condemn and label women whenever they see something that is an absolute anomaly that is outlandish to them. Just as how when I was more “rebellious” when I was younger, I’d do something “wrong” by accident and yet when it was one of my guy friends or other guys, they just get a smack on their behinds and “don’t do it again”s as if they were the most perfect little angels. How screwed up society is, especially nowadays. Seems as if their logics are like me he-man you-housemaid/slave or whatever. Why can’t everything be equal without any favoritism? ‘Cause surely if it weren’t for women, men would just be completely and utterly losted in the world in the world while the species would go extinct after they dumbly do certain things and the lack of reproduction material that they’re missing. So I don’t see why women are so quick to be tossed aside like an old baby doll while men are technically worshipped like gods from Greek mythology and treated as if they were abused, kicked little puppies. Meanwhile, it takes about several stories, years, months, and several other things for women to get even a hint of pity or anything, let alone credit for something they’ve done. Why? Who knows? It’s been like this for years, centuries even, and so on and so forth. Maybe there’ll be a change by the year 3000. Equalism is better than favoritism.


I chose this piece because of the truth in it and how it displayed exactly what happens in general, including my opinion on the matter instead of being completely bias and choosing this side for the hell of it.

I would improve this by tweaking a couple of words and fixing how this and that phrase appears if it had lost its appeal to me.


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