Chuck The Halls

Cough, cough, cough

Endless coughing

Why not use a soothing action to ease that cough?

Triple it, double it

Doesn’t matter especially if ya breath stink

Cool your nasal passages

Sooth your throat

Relieve your cough

Even if it is tough

Honey and lemon

Strawberry and melon

Cherry and lime

Oh what a crime

40 drops

With a slick lock

That would ease your block

Kids and adults alike

Take a drop

Let it dissolve

And you’ll be back

As your mouth waters


Another lighthearted one that gives me a slight laugh since it is obvious it came from one of my brain fart/sleepy moments.

Rewrite the whole entire thing or some of it since some of the parts made it boisterously clear that I wasn’t all there that day.


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