Ist: (Kate)

Why am I always the one to have to do this? Why can’t it be Maya or someone else? I’m tired of constantly being used as the diversion for the gang. Can’t Jake just shove his pride up his egotistical ass and actually work? He’s usually the reason why I’m always doing this. “Kate do this”, “Kate do that”, “Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate,”. UGH! So annoying. I need to start charging for this.

2nd: (Jake)

You are the most idiotic, lazy, annoying brunette I’ve ever known! You don’t ever shut your mouth! You’re the reason why we have to run someplace else! Always going off and doing lord-knows-what, causing them to come after us! So don’t be pointing fingers at me, calling me lazy when it’s your recklessness that always endangers us!

3rd: (Maya)

When would those two get along? I can’t deal with them trying to kill each other. They’ve never got along with each other at all. We need to them to get along since they keep the group together, or else we’ll die or worse.


I chose this story since it displayed all 3 POVS, which are Kate, Jake, and Maya while showcasing what their current conflict with each other is.

And I would improve this by showing more of how they all interact each other and more of their opinions of each other to showcase how things are more clearly than having to go by this person’s and that person’s (Jake and Kate) statements about this person and so on.


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